Hitler Leadership Style

Whilst this may seem strange to some people, the image of Hitler as a leader to many people resembles a highly positive and effective one. He was a highly powerful individual who had a strong characteristic of being persistent. People recognised him as being very stubborn and he would not trust anybody but himself. In a way of leadership Hitler believed that his decisions were always right and that nobody could have better knowledge about something than he held. Obviously there are also down falls to his leadership but the power he did have and the respect he commanded from people can not be questioned. Of course it must be remembered than many people hold Hitler responsible for the down fall of Germany .

One key characteristic of Hitler was that he was determined to command personally. The Leader Principle of Germany stated that Hitler required ultimate authority in order to function, in this sense he was a true autocrat. Within Nazi Germany there was a clear hierarchy where individuals were well aware of what their responsibility was, this was something that was strictly enforced by Hitler. Hitler held the final say on any decision regardless of whether specialist knowledge was required, this included the details surrounding military operation and the direction which troops would take in opposition countries.

Hitler had several headquarters which he carried out his activities from. As well as the several locations Hitler surrounded himself with a very small number of personal staff. These had be recruited in order to assist the decision making process, although many people who worked in such positions stated that Hitler would never take the advice offered to him. He would hold regular meetings with senior military employees and he would exert his control over these individuals. One of the annoyances to Hitler would be mistakes, he had incredible attention for detail and any kind of discrepancy would annoy him hugely.

Many people have listed distinct problems with the leadership style that Hitler had. These problems revolve around this personality, his lack of knowledge and also his lack of military expertise. He refused to take advice from military experts and this can be seen as one of the fundamental reasons why German lost the war.

As Hitler was keen to be in charge of every aspect of the army, he held a great role in deciding the strategy that would be taken. One of the key problems that Germany had within the war surrounded around when the war was held, who was targeted and also the end goals that had been set out.

In essence the leadership of Hitler can be summed up as highly autocratic, individualised in a sense that he would accept the opinions of others and it was also strategically lacking.

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