Hitler for kids

Adolf Hitler was a man who was born on April 20th 1889. He was born in a small town in Austria which was close to the Germany border. Adolf was the third of five children, his parents were Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler.

Hitlers father had a job working for the government. Adolf Hitler was an illegitimate child, this meant that his mother and father were not married. At this time this was a serious matter and children who were considered ‘illegitimate’ were frowned upon.

Adolf Hitler wanted to be an artist but his father did not respect this decision. Although after his mother and father died Adolf Hitler decided to move from his home town to another place called Vienna where he would become an artist.

Hitler did become an artist and many people thought he was quite a good painter. Although he could not earn enough money from just being an artist and he therefore had to get another job.

Hitler became involved in the politics of Germany. He started to become to be interested in how the country was being managed and he felt he could do a better job. He was given a job as the chancellor of Germany, this meant he was second in charge.

As Hitler was now an important person in Germany he was able to make decisions that would change important things. Adolf Hitler wanted Germany to be full of just German speaking people, this meant anybody who was not German must leave the country. Although in order for just all the German people to live in Germany the country would have to be made bigger. Hitler wanted to make the country bigger by taking over the land of other countries. These other countries were Poland and Russia.

Whilst Hitler was trying to make the country bigger other countries did not agree with what Hitler was doing. The United Kingdom and France said that they would have a war with Germany because of the actions that the country was taking.

World War II started in order to end the fight that Hitler had started. He wanted certain things that was not possible and therefore different countries tried to end this and eventually they did.

Adolf Hitler had a long time girlfriend and he married her when he was in a bunker where he was hiding. He was hiding because he was just about to be caught by the United Kingdom and France army men.

Just after Hitler and his wife married they killed themselves in order to avoid being punished by those who caught them.

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