Hitler Assassination Attempts

Due to the nature of his activities Hitler quite obviously had numerous enemies, both within his own country and within others. Many people were keen to end the tactics of the German leader and therefore due to this many people felt the need to attempt to stop Hitler from carrying out his order. There were numerous attempts by people in order to assassinate Hitler.

One significant assassination attempt that has been widely publicised and plays an important part in history was attempt that was made on 20th July 1944.

During this attempt Adolf Hitler cheated death after he survived a bomb explosion on his headquarters that was located in Rastenberg, East Prussia. The headquarters which had been given the nickname the wolfs lair was attacked by a bomb whilst Hitler was inside. This central location was used as his command post over the Eastern Front.

The person who was accused for being responsible for this bomb was a senior officer within HitlerÕs ranks. The individual was Colonel Claus Schenk con Stauffenberg, he allegedly planted the bomb at a meeting that he knew Hitler and numerous other senior individuals would be present at.

When the bomb did go off Hitler survived but he did suffer from some minor burns and also concussion. Even though a bomb had gone off it is believed that Hitler continued to have his meet with the Italian leader Benito Mussolini as planned.

After this accident became widespread news, Hitler was visited by the Commander in Chief of Lutwaffe Hermann Goering, this individual was also the appointed successor of Hitler. Goering stated to Hitler that the people of Germany were deeply concerned about this attack and that everybody was thankful that no real harm had been caused to the leader. He also stated that Hitler could carry on to accomplish his great task that he had set out to do.

This failure to assonate Hitler was jumped upon by the Hitler camp in order to emphasise that the regime would succeed in their plans that they had created. The deputy head of the press organisation Helmut Suendermann released a statement saying that the attempted plot to kill Hitler that had failed presented the assurance that Hitler would succeed in the plans that had been set out.

Numerous other attempts had been made to kill Hitler, although this was this closest that anybody had come. Other attempts had included attempts to shoot Hitler and there was also an attempt by a member of his personnel but this individual was killed by the protection services of Hitler.

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